Right patient

  • Check the name on the order and the patient by asking patient to identify himself/herself and when available, use technology (for example, bar-code system).

Right medication

  • Check the medication order and the label.

Right dose

  • Check the medication sheet and the doctor’s order before medicating. Be aware of the difference of an adult and a pediatric dose.

Right route

  • Check if the route ordered is appropriate and confirm that the patient can take or receive the medication by the ordered route.

Right time and frequency

  • Check the order for when it would be given and when was the last time it was given.

Right documentation

  • Document administration AFTER giving the ordered medication. Chart the time, route, and any other specific information as necessary.

Right reason

  • Know why is the medication being ordered.  Know patient’s history and why is he/she taking this medication?

Right response

  • Check if the the ordered medication responds to the desired effects. E.g. ( Does the HPN drug lowers the patient BP).

When giving medication always be cautious and think !